Adobe announced ColdFusion 8, the latest version of a product used by hundreds of thousands of developers to create compelling Internet applications quickly and with ease. This is the first release of ColdFusion since Adobe acquired Macromedia in December 2005.

“This release is like lightning in a bottle – it’s something special,” commented David Mendels, senior vice president, Productivity Business Unit. “Thousands of customers can’t wait to get their hands on it, and our ColdFusion team has done an exceptional job making it the most powerful and versatile version of the product ever.”

“ColdFusion 8 rocks!” added Kevin Lynch, chief software architect and senior vice president, Platform Business Unit. “It has an impressive array of new capabilities, including integration with LiveCycle Data Services, support for Ajax data binding and presentation, smooth Flex integration, image compositing, PDF reports, and much more.”

“It clearly reflects how the ColdFusion team continues to listen to customers,” Lynch continued. “This release will enable hundreds of thousands of ColdFusion developers to solve real-world web application challenges more quickly and with even more engaging, effective user interfaces.”

For nearly all of its development cycle, ColdFusion 8 was part of the former Enterprise and Developer BU, which was recently merged with the Knowledge Worker BU to form the Productivity BU, led by Mendels. With the reorganization, ColdFusion is now part of the Platform BU headed by Lynch.

What Is ColdFusion 8?

ColdFusion 8 enables developers to quickly and easily create compelling websites and other Internet applications that can be smoothly integrated in virtually any enterprise environment. The version is the fastest ever, even when running applications built with a previous version. It is loaded with new and enhanced features based on extensive, ongoing customer feedback.

“Customers absolutely love ColdFusion 8 because it’s easy to learn, fun to use, and powerful enough to create real-world, data-rich, enterprise-class applications, without having to go through a painful learning curve. In fact, most developers find the product fun to use,” said Ben Forta, senior technical evangelist.

Who Will Use ColdFusion 8?

ColdFusion 8 will be used by developers who want to create faster, more compelling Internet applications in less time, and IT project managers