Thursday, May 31, 2007

ColdFusion 8 Public Beta Coverage



1. InfoWorld – 5/30/2007 – Adobe’s ColdFusion Warms to .Net by Paul Krill

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    - PC World:,132356-c,webauthoringsoftware/article.html
    - Tech World:

2. eWEEK – 5/30/2007 – Adobe ColdFusion 8 Beta Goes Public by Darryl K. Taft,1895,2138586,00.asp

3. – 5/30/2007 – Adobe Gives ColdFusion A Big Overhaul by Andy Patrizio

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4. Computerwire – 5/30/2007 – Adobe Release ColdFusion 8 Beta by Tony Baer

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-Computer Business Review:

5. MacWorld UK – 5/30/2007 – Adobe Ships ColdFusion 8 Beta by Jonny Evans

6. ZDNet Blogs – 5/30/2007 – New Version of ColdFusion Aimed at .NET, Ajax Crowd by Ryan Stewart

7. ColdFusion Developer’s Journal – 5/30/2007 – Adobe Unveils ColdFusion 8 Public Beta by Staff

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    - Web Developer’s Journal:

8. WebProNews – 5/30/2007 – ColdFusion 8 Brands With Adobe by David Utter

9. Computing News – 5/30/2007 – Adobe Unveils ColdFusion 8 Public Beta by Staff

10. SitePoint – 5/30/2007 – Now You Can Be as Cool as Me—GO GET CF 8 BETA! by Eric Jones

11. MacNN – 5/30/2007 – Adobe Offers ColdFusion 8 Beta by Staff

12. Trading Markets – 5/30/2007 – Adobe Launches Public Beta Of ColdFusion 8 Software by Staff

13. WHIR News – 5/30/2007 – HostMySite Offers ColdFusion 8 by Staff

14. Digital Arts – 5/30/2007 – Adobe offers ColdFusion 8 Public Beta

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Adobe Unveils ColdFusion 8 Public Beta
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- EFYTimes India:

- WebWire:


It's Out!

It's Out...ColdFusion 8 Public Beta

The ColdFusion 8 Public Beta is now available for download!

Adobe Press Release:

ColdFusion 8 Public Beta:

ColdFusion 8 Public Beta Hosting:


Adobe® ColdFusion® 8 is the highly-anticipated upcoming major release of ColdFusion.  The public beta release provides developers with the opportunity to begin building applications with new ColdFusion 8 features as well as test their existing applications on the new version.

ColdFusion 8 allows developers to quickly and easily create compelling Internet applications that fit in today’s complex enterprise environments. Faster than any previous version of the software, ColdFusion 8 lets developers write more applications in less time with fewer lines of code—and then tune these applications for optimum performance.  Here are just a few of the key features that you’ll discover in the public beta:

  • Server monitoring to help identify server bottlenecks, allowing for tuning and improved performance.
  • Step through code debugging in a new Eclipse plug-in debugger.
  • Adobe Flex™ and Ajax features that let ColdFusion power personalized, multimedia-rich applications to enhance users’ experiences on the web.
  • High-quality, dynamically created on-demand multimedia presentations.
  • PDF document and form integration for a printable, portable way to intelligently capture and share information.
  • Image creation and manipulation with more than 50 new CFML tags and functions.
  • Native support for .NET objects to easily integrate ColdFusion applications with enterprise data and infrastructure services.
  • Significant application runtime and server performance improvements.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

ColdFusion 8

The much awaited ColdFusion 8 is released... This blog is to discuss all about ColdFusion 8.