Friday, September 21, 2007

10 ColdFusion Hosting Under $10 per month

Glenn Gervais of the fame has come up with a list of 10 coldfusion hosts under $10 per month.

10 ColdFusion Hosts Under $10/month, September 2007

Anumina$8.95--2G1000GMX 7
Canwebhost$8--50G2GMX 7
DailyRazor$7.95$95.40-1G50GMX 7
Gearworx$15.95$119.40-4G55GMX 7
Hostingatoz-$64.99-1G20GMX 7
HostingFuse$8.00$80.00-200M6GMX 7
HostNexus$9.95--300M10GMX 7
Viux$9.95--1G10GMX 7
Xtreme Host$9.98--3G15GMX 7


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this list. I was searching for a cheap CF8 hosting.


Anonymous said...

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coldfusion said...

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Anonymous said...

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